July 29, 2016 @ 3:15 PM

Brews bring big bucks
by Brandon Adam
Marysville Globe Reporter
July 28, 2016

Brandon Adams/Staff Photo  
Daniel Johnson is handed a beer sampling at Vision for a Cure’s Brewfest at Legion Park July 23

ARLINGTON— With all 700 tickets sold, Vision For a Cure's first-ever Brewfest at LegionParkJuly 23 was met with success.

"You never know how it's going to go, and it's been beyond any sort of expectation," founder Jeremy Carter said. "This is amazing. We're completely blown away."

He said $30,000 were made through ticket sales and sponsorships that day.

Four years into Vision For a Cure, Carter thought to do something different, other than the Music in the Garden, which the foundation had done the past three years.

Vision For a Cure is a fundraiser aimed at raising awareness and finding cure for Usher Syndrome, a genetic disease that causes deaf and blindness. His wife, Jodi, and one of her brothers has it.

Though the foundation has "been amazingly successful," Carter thought beer and wine tastings would be a sufficient change.

"I just love beer. It brings all walks of life together," he said.

Carter got the green light to gather 20 breweries and wineries for tasting.

"The beer and wine industry has been one of the most giving around," he said.

It was also met positively by attendees.

Brandon Franck traveled from Everettafter seeing it posted on Facebook. He was pleased with the variety of drinks and thought the amount of people was perfect with no lines.

"It seemed like a good opportunity to drink beer and help a great cause," Franck said. "I drink beer all the time anyway so why not come if it's going to help people out?"

Adam Thompson was especially thrilled that his hometown put on such a big event. "I used to mow the park twice a week," he said. "To see craft beers spread at this level is pretty exciting."

Austin Berg commuted from GraniteFalls. Though he "always likes going to events like this," the charitable nature of this one was unique.

"Sometimes breweries will do this without getting anything out of it other than recognition. I hope based on the feedback it will continue."

Shannon Eerkes from WarmBeachsaid she liked the "small community feel. Anything to support a good cause is something I'm more than willing to support."